What ...

    This website lists concerns that impact society, and then proposes solutions to stimulate constructive discussions and ultimately lead to concrete actions to improve maters. However, the existence of solutions doesn't necessarily mean that problems are easy to fix. In many cases for social concerns, citizens must make their views known to their political leaders. Courage and perseverance are essential, as well as a large number of citizens who share the same values.

Here are some concerns:

  1) Tax Evasion
  2) Migrants
  3) Justice System Accessibility
  4) Oil Necessity
  5) Santé: Covid 19 · Dentists · Private Residence for the Elderly
  6) Arrogant Governments
  7) Computer Insanity
  8) Greed and Intolerance

Why ...

    There's a latin proverb Verba volant, scripta manent better known as Spoken words fly away, written words remain... except when it's a blog. Discussions have a tendency to disappear under a flood of words and pictures, and it becomes very difficult to refer to it, thus, the necessity to create a website specifically dedicated to these concerns.

    Another reason for the presence of this website is because all these concerns touch me. Inequality and injustice are reported everyday by the Press. Ok! I'm a Quebec citizen in Canada and there are people facing a thousand times more adversity than me. But still, it's obvious that this world is having issues and I'm worried of the moment when the pressure cooker will explode. When I think about that, I always have the same song in mind, the song Better Man from Pearl Jam. It's the story of a woman that realizes that she's in a poisonous relationship. Replacing the word MAN by WORLD systematically comes to mind, and it's also the inspiration for the name of this website. There are always solutions, but alone, we are not in the best position to pose concrete actions that will improve the situation.

    Web pages that I refer to are relevant and revealing. They all inspire a reflection in me. Here, on this website, comments are all welcome. However, to facilitate reading, only none-redundant and relevant comments will be publicly displayed, with the author's approval, of course.

    Finally, don't hesitate to contact your elected officials or the candidates that seek a term during next elections to have them react to these concerns. Speaking of elections, democracy is not only the right to vote every four or five years. Democracy is the power of the people. Democracy is stripped off when only a few people make decisions for their own profit, and not for the good of all citizens. Quebec is a distinct society, sure, but we must act to have good reasons to be proud of it. Hopefully, one day we can all say:
Veni, vidi, vici.

Democracy Erosion

"Can't find a better world!" ... This feeling is of the utmost sadness, don't you think?

Thanks for your visit!   Thank you in advance to share these concerns!

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